Using Sequins Around the House: Ideas & Inspiration

A bit of glitter, a bit of sparkle and a bit of drama is needed in at least one tiny spot of every home. A simple, female touch makes for a much interested and stylish space. So, today, we decided to gather up a host of inspirations involving sequins. Although outside-the-box when it comes to interior decorating, we love the ideas that come from just a glance at these rooms!

1. On the Throws.

Sequins bedroom pillowsView in gallery

A throw pillow on the bed or formal sofa could easily be dressed to the nines in sequins. Jazz up any space in a second by using some of these sassy accents.

2. The Room Partition.

Sequins curtain for room dividerView in gallery

What an amazing idea right? Beautifully done and not over-the-top or harsh on the eyes, this monochromatic space has a touch of glitzy glam with its sequins curtain room partition. This is such a great use of the fabric!

3. Oversized Touches.

Sequins bedroom blanketView in gallery

If you decide to use oversized sequins you won’t get that super glamour appeal, instead you’ll get a fun, textural style. It looks great on a natural throw blanket or bedding, don’t you think?

4. Dress the Wall.

FramedsequinsView in gallery

Whether it’s DIY or store bought, sequins on the wall works too. Add a bit of shine and eye candy by adorning the hallways or mantle with some sparkling interest.

5. Cover the Lamp.

Sequins lamp decorView in gallery

Again, this could make for a fun DIY project or just another way to spruce up any nook or cranny. Even in the subtlest of ways, a bit of sequins can really transform a space.

6. Adorning the Candles.

Sequins candle decorationView in gallery

Probably one of my favorites because of its simplicity, candles adorned in sequins are such a fun and versatile way to add a touch of drama and glam to anywhere from the mantle to the guest room to the bathroom! I love sequins candles so much I don’t even burn them, instead I just keep them around for as long as I can!

7. The Table Too.

Sequins table clothView in gallery

It could be your breakfast nook table, in the dining room or somewhere in your home office, your tables could be covered in these dressy duds too! Use subtle shades for a neutral look or go all out in the spring in summer!

8. Some Little Accents.

Sequins flower vase decorationView in gallery

Even your smallest accents can be sequins-inspired, like this easy DIY for example. A small bud vase, filled with water and sequins makes for quite the pretty home accessory. It’s perfect for dressing up the night’s centerpiece of just jazzing up the nightstands in the bedroom.