Using Mediterranean Ideas To Inspire Your Home Designs

The Mediterranean literally means the middle of the earth and it is central to many of the designs you will see across southern Europe. There are many design cues that add to a Mediterranean themed home, from olive branches to Greek inspired mosaics to architecture that recalls the majesty of ancient Rome. With a style that is distinctive from northern Europe, Mediterranean homes are copied the world over because they offer an easy and comfortable living space. If you live in an area that gets hot in the summer months take inspiration from classic Mediterranean style.

Italian Marble.

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Quite simply, one of the best ways of creating a cooling atmosphere in your home that echoes the best of Mediterranean style is to install marble flooring. Marble is a shiny, crystalline rock that is known and used the world over. However, Italian marble is most famous for its white or blue-gray properties. Mined in Tuscany, Italian marble is expensive to import. North American white marble alternatives are produced in Alabama and Colorado.

Roman Arches.

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Roman architecture differs from three orders of classical Greek architecture because of the Roman invention of the arch. Used as an interior visual cue to the Mediterranean world, a Roman arch can be used to create an entrance way, a recess storage space or to break up the line of a corridor. Externally, arches look great set against an outhouse or a swimming pool. Roman arches are semi circles. Arches that meet in a point are Gothic, which will not set the right tone.

Greek Columns.

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Greek columns create a sense of Mediterranean style that is instantly recognisable. Many public and government buildings in America use Greek style columns across their frontage. But do not be put off by the grand style of these buildings and their porticos. Greek columns were used in all sorts of buildings, large and small, in Greece. Greek columns can help you divide a space in your home whilst allowing light to fall between them and they can be functional or entirely decorative.


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There are plenty of specialist contractors who will put together a mosaic for you. You can either go for a design-and-build option, or choose to make your own design. A simple drawing will suffice as a starting point. If you want to have your mosaic hark back to classical Mediterranean themes, then remember to include a decorative border motif. A good subject to choose in bathroom is dolphins, echoing the famous Minoan artwork of the Temple of Knossos, in Crete.


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Update your room with Mediterranean style by changing your drapes. If you have a floor to ceiling window or a glazed door, then a simple pole is best to use, rather than a rail. Hang your drapes so they extend right to the floor, then simply twist them back over on themselves.


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Keeping cool in the summer is something inhabitants of Mediterranean islands know all about. White washing your building’s rendered exterior is a great way of having your home take on a chic Mediterranean look. Set it off with some sky blue detailing. Check out images of Thira, in the Greek island of Santornini, where nearly all the buildings have this stunningly simple look.

Inspiring Gardens.

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The warm tones of terra cotta, which translates as burnt earth, look great in most garden design settings. Terra cotta is a type of earthenware which is commonly used for decorative planters, pots and sculpture. Arrange your terra cotta planters in small groups of three or four, to create bursts of color around your garden, rather than scattering them about singly. Avoid simply arranged rows or straight lines. Terra cotta floor tiles are seen all over the Mediterranean area and make for an ideal choice for a patio.

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