How to Use the Trends without Losing Your Personal Style

Following the trends religiously can result in a less personal living space. Here is how to use the trends wisely so that you can still ensure a creative yet individual home.

Mix More than One.

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Blend Trends into a New Style

Adding a few trends to the same room can work. This prevents one trend from being the main attraction, and it makes your overall style much more unique. For instance, you can have striped curtains, chevron stripes on the wall, and a vintage coffee table in the same room. All these are fashionable and look good when matched together.

Choose a Personal Piece.

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Let Your Art be Memorable

The art that you display in your home does not always have to be expensive or something relating to a trend. For instance, if you frame a personal memento, you can achieve style and a more individualized fashion. This is also a great way to be trendy in your own way!

Opt for a Timeless Approach.

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Classic Spaces are Timeless Treasures

Following the trends is not always cheap – sometimes it can cost a lot to keep updating your home. If you do this, you also run the risk of continuously losing interest in how your home looks and it will lack a sense of style that comes from timeless fashion. A minimalist approach to your design will be beautiful for years to come and even if you change its look once in a while, it will always have a strong, stylish foundation.

Get a New Accent.

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Accent Pieces are Great Liveners and Trendy

An accent piece or wall that conveys the latest trends can be a great way to experiment with the design in your home without putting a room’s entire style at stake. Accessories in bright patterns and colors are chic and trendy. An accent wall painted in a neon color pays homage to this décor trend without throwing a coup on the rest of the space. Accents are also easier to blend in with the rest of your room’s style.

Choose Style and Sustainability.

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Concrete and Steel Look Gorgeous and Last Long

You don’t want to bring new furniture into your home that doesn’t last longer than a season because it breaks or gets stained easily. Opt for pieces that are fashionable but also made of materials that will last. This strikes a good balance between trendy and timeless.

Make it Comforting.

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Choose Comfort to Prevent Trends from Being Sterile

If you chase down the trends too much, you might end up with many different looks in your home that don’t make you feel like you are in a comfortable setting. Remember to infuse a sense of comfort in your design. This is a great way to earth or unite the trends you’re using and it can be achieved with wooden flooring and warm colors, for instance.

Bring out Those Background Pieces.

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Give Regular Décor Pieces a New Spin

Every room has a few items that are traditional for it. For instance, a table in the dining room, a sofa in the lounge, a bed in the bedroom, and so on. A great way to turn these classic items into something trendy is to be a little more creative with how you use them. For instance, the table in the dining room can be surrounded by armchairs, a bench, sofa – or a blend of different seating styles – to display something different.

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Change the Traditions

Likewise, the bed in the bedroom can be of a different shape. A round bed gives the room an interesting dimension for adult or children’s rooms.

A Cocktail of Two Design Styles.

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Choose Two Styles to Mix

Blending two different styles – such as industrial and farmhouse – is a great way to use trendy pieces while creating something brand new that sets your home apart from the rest. If the two styles are very different, this is even better! Contrast works well to mix different styles and create something eye-catching.

Use Your Hobbies as Inspiration.

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Infuse the Room with What You Love

A personalized home is one that portrays elements of who you are and it should be filled with things you love. Consider your hobbies as inspiration for things to include in your home. If you love the art of writing, for instance, consider creative items in your home such as a beautiful writing desk.

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