Unusual freefolded paper pendants

People seem to be more and more attracted to unusual pieces. They tend to get bored by the same old structures, designs and materials, so they search somewhere else.Therefore, it’s more difficult to impress them with something like a freefolded paper pendant, when you feel like you’ve already seen everything there was to see. However, the effect is not totally lost. These three pendants, created by Canadian designer Andrew Ooi, are a nice example of how you can create stylish and original pieces using the most simple materials, in this case the paper.

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They are all colored in tones of yellow, red and brown, all earthy colors that give a sense of intimacy and peace. You don’t have to use uncommon materials or colors to create something unusual. All you need is imagination. Everything else is just details. Andrew Ooi, as we can see, is not afraid to explore.