Dramatic Drum Pendant Lighting in Your Interiors

Is your kitchen in need of a new look and focal point? Try adding dramatic drum pendant lighting in your interiors and change the feel of your interiors. Whether it’s the living room, bedroom or kitchen. Not only is the drum pendant lighting sleek and elegant, it is also very functional as it provides your space with a great source of light in a unique style. With more creative ideas, you will be able to have a lighting system that works for you without making you or your guests uncomfortable in any way.

Bring more color to your dining table:

drum pendant lighting orange dining room
Add color to your dining table with drum pendant lighting

Depending on the style of your dining room, you can actually add more color to it through the use of the drum pendants. If yours is a contemporary design, then you can go for the nickel or chrome finish that comes in neutral shade. For the dining room in modern design, you can opt for the brightly colored pendants for that great pop of color. If yours is that of mid-century wooden furniture, then go for the drum pendants with wood detailing. For an antique or classic look, the bronze-finished drum pendants are the most suitable. So, add drama to that drab-looking dining room with bold patterns and ornamentation.

Illuminate seating areas:

drum pendant lighting kitchen
Add drama over your kitchen bar

Since the kitchen is one of the most functional parts of the home, it is necessary to have the appropriate lighting system in there for maximum output. For this reason, depending on your preference though, you can have lighter colored shades if you want more illumination for your kitchen but for a reduced or low illumination, you can opt for the darker colored shades. With these drum pendants, you will be able to add ambiance to your kitchen. They also serve as eye-catching focal point within this space.

drum pendant lighting bar kitchen
Light your kitchen bar seating area
drum pendant lighting formal dining room
Drum pendant lighting formal dining room

Bedroom options:

Gone are those days that you must have a bedside lamp in your bedroom. The drum pendants have quickly taken over that trend and are fast becoming a better option. With the installation, it means you have more storage space beside your bed and there is no possibility of pushing down the lamp. Talk about being functional and visually appealing.

drum pendant lighting bedroom
Add lighting to your bedroom side tables

It does not matter what your style or preference is, you are sure to completely transform your home with the use of dramatic drum pendant lighting in your interiors. With the size of your room, the color scheme, decor scheme and effect you wish to achieve at the back of your mind, go ahead and get those beautiful and functional drum pendants for your home.

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