Unique Fashion Store Design by Richard Chai + Snarkitecture

If you thought that creativity could be applied only while constructing living zones then this will change your thinking.  The cave like structure is none other than a retail store. Immense creativity is displayed in making such a store to display the products. Such a store will itself attract the attention of the consumers.

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To bring out the exact look of the extensions and erosions in a cave, white architectural foam is utilized. The white foam helps in creating a different landscape within the store. The shelves, the hang bars, niches and other parts of the store completely resemble a cave. This form of display makes the brand even more special. This type of short-term set ups are also very eco-friendly and avoid wastes as these materials can be recycled. This is a complete combination of architecture and creativeness. The design is very uncommon and give an entire new look to a retail store.{Richard Chai + Snarkitecture}


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