Two Blocks Form A Cozy Family Home In Poland

The Fence House is a family residence located in Borowiec, Poland. It occupies 290 square meters of space and it was designed and built here by mode:lina architekci, a team of professionals that always focus on the client’s needs and for whom each project starts with a research phase and ends with a positive feedback from the clients.

Fence House architectureView in gallery
The house is composed of two blocks which together form a large structure
Fence House front facadesView in gallery
The back facade has large windows and openings, offering views of the garden
Fence House facade and roofView in gallery
The roofs of the two blocks are sloped and the facades are simple

The building is organized into two blocks. They both have sloping roofs and similar sizes and shapes. One of the blocks is the parents’ zone while the other is occupied by the kids. The clients wanted to create this distinction between the spaces in order to offer each the needed privacy and independence.

Fence House facade and garageView in gallery
Te front facade has the least windows as well as a garage that matches the architecture
Fence House garage cubeView in gallery
The garage is designed to look like a cube extension for the house
Fence House deck and sliding doorsView in gallery
The ground floor has sliding glass doors that lead out on a terrace

The design of the house is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional style, hence the pitched roofs. The garage which is an extension of the house was designed in a similar style, featuring an asymmetrical cube form.

Fence House living areaView in gallery
Large panorama windows open the living area to the exterior
Fence House lounge areaView in gallery
A geometric area rug frames the lounge space together with an L-shaped sofa
Fence House kitchen pendantsView in gallery
The kitchen extends out into the garden through sliding glass doors

The architects used simple and raw materials such as bricks, concrete and gray metal sheets to offer the house a minimalistic look, somewhere between traditional and modern, maybe also with a few industrial and rustic hints.

Fence House kitchen islandView in gallery
The glass doors bring natural light into the kitchen
Fence House kitchen furnitureView in gallery
The island has a wooden base and a concrete top with extends to form a bar
Fence House kitchen areaView in gallery
A built-in induction cooktop is integrated into the island

The facade facing the street has the least amount of windows and those that are here are quite small compared to the panorama windows on the back facade and the sliding glass doors that connect the spaces to the outdoors.

Fence House bookcaseView in gallery
On the mezzanine level a solid wood bookcase is complemented by a bench
Fence House dining areaView in gallery
The dining area is part of the open floor plan which connects the kitchen to the living space
Fence House dining roomView in gallery
A lovely design feature in this nook is the wood clad accent wall
Fence House two level interiorView in gallery
A staircase connects the social area on the ground floor to the upper level
Fence House staircaseView in gallery
The staircase has a solid and a little bit rough design and is complemented by glass railings
Fence House staircase railingView in gallery
The staircase wall has a glass opening just beneath the stairs
Fence House staircase hallwayView in gallery
The gallery formed behind the staircase is a display space for the car
Fence House car garageView in gallery
The car adds a touch of color and an unexpected twist to the decor

The ground floor of the two blocks is a common area for everyone. This is where the social spaces such as the lounge area, the kitchen and the dining area are situated. They share an open floor plan. There’s a hallway that connects them and this is also where the staircase can be found. An interesting feature is the window which offers a glimpse at the car displayed in the garage.

Fence House car displayView in gallery
The glass window links the garage to the house and provides a display box for the car
Fence House mezzanine levelView in gallery
The wooden ceiling beams were left exposed and unpainted, providing a nice contrast
Fence House master bedroomView in gallery
The beams are visible in the bedrooms as well which are designed to be simple and cozy

The mezzanine floor contains the private areas such as the bedrooms and their bathrooms. The parents’ bedroom is simple and has barn doors while the children’s sleeping area has a really cool design for the beds.

Fence House bedroom decorView in gallery
The bedrooms are decorated with a lot of wood with finishes that don’t always match
Fence House bedroom barn doorsView in gallery
The barn doors are a really beautiful touch for the interior design of the bedroom
Fence House kids bedroomView in gallery
The children’s bedroom has a cool feature: a house-shaped frame for the beds

The beds are integrated into wooden frames which mimic a house. They even have cutouts meant to be windows and skylights. The decor is really interesting, like a house inside a house.

Fence House bedroom for kidsView in gallery
The two beds have headboards that expand into a full frame with a pitched roof and skyloghts
Fence House bathroom vanityView in gallery
The bathroom has a long wooden countertop with two large sinks on it

At the mezzanine level the architects integrated a library with a large bookcase made of old oak beams. There’s also a large bench which completes the space. It matches the bookcase and it establishes a cohesive and very cozy ambiance.

Fence House bathroom tubView in gallery
There’s also room here for a shower enclosure and a tub
Fence House bathroom areaView in gallery
The other bathroom is similar in design, featuring the same colors and materials