Two bedrooms apartment with private garden

Located in a great area the Fitzjohns Avenue is very close to shops, restaurants and bars. This two bedroom apartment compared to other modern apartments in London is very stunning and it gives vast living space having bathroom suites along with modern fittings and fixtures. The apartment has a private garden along with having wooden floor. It also has a reception room with an open plan kitchen.

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So, overall, this apartment is surprisingly modern and stylish, with very beautiful furniture pieces along with other fixtures. Each room is slightly different in terms of style and décor but all of them have in common the simplicity and elegance of the interior design. The living room is probably the most colorful and busy from this point of view.

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 There are some interesting and very beautiful details in there, like the art hanging on the walls or the beautiful rug. The bar in a nice detail as well, especially when the living room is linked to the kitchen. The colorful bar stools bring some color to the room, with their red tone and vibrant look.

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Furthermore, in contrast with this particular room, the bedroom is a little more quiet, more simple and with few details and decorations. It’s natural to be this way, since it’s the room of the house where people usually seek comfort and relaxation