Tuva Faux Fur Bean Bag – Charcoal

I like sitting comfortably when I watch TV or read an interesting book. That means that I want to sit in an armchair but I want it to be soft and comfy and to offer me the right position for reading and for staying still for hours without getting numb. I also like being able to move my seating where I want it around the house, where the natural light is better or where it is quieter. So I guess this Tuva Faux Fur Bean Bag – Charcoal is the best thing for me. First of all it is called a bean bag for a reason : it looks just like an old bean bag used by kids to sit on when going to the market in their cart.

Tuva faux fur bean bag charcoal 040971941Then it is pretty soft and makes you warm, just like when hugging a teddy bear. I guess my comparison was caused by the fact that this comfortable seating is covered with a faux fur looking like a giant grizzly bear. But this one is only made of acrylic and is filled with lightweight polystyrene foam beads, which allows you to move it from one place to another without damaging it a bit. Its sizes are great for the kids room but also for your living room (25″ x 21″ x 28″) and the purchasing price is $149.95.