Tuuci Hexagon Outdoor Umbrella

Usually umbrellas are shaped just like mushrooms, I mean they have they shape of a dome, with the outer edges more rounded towards the ground. But they are made like that because they are supposed to protect you from the rain. But when you have a “sunbrella” that is specially made for outdoor use, it is made first of all to protect you from the sun. This unusual, yet very beautiful Tuuci Hexagon Outdoor Umbrella is the exception I was talking about. Its designer is Dougan Clarke, a passionate sailor who got inspiration from his boat sails.

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No wonder the fabric used for this outdoor umbrella is called “sharkskin”. It is a special material that is very reflective, so it protects you from the sun with 98% UV protection and excellent water repellency. This allows you to sit under it even when rain is fallen and not get wet, which is great. Besides, this is perfect for those who leave this kind of umbrella outside all summer long.


If you look at this umbrella from somewhere up, you will see it is shaped like a hexagon, hence its name. But this umbrella is a combination of many unusual and interesting features which make it so nice and special. The item is now available for a price between $1,190.00 – $1,450.00, depending on colour.