Turquoise apartment interior design by Darci Goodman

Your home is your nest therefore you must make it as comfortable as you can. Furniture, technology, accessories and colors, all must be combined together in a way that makes you feel good. Some choose more daring colors, others prefer pale calm colors, but whatever color you choose you must combine it carefully with the rest of the interior.

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The next apartment is obvious belonging to a person who loves turquoise and was designed by Darci Goodman. So, all the arrangements were made so they can fit the unusual color. The owner opted for turquoise details and accessories, letting the walls white. However, these tiny details create a strong effect because at first sight you have the impression that the whole house is turquoise. A pleasant turquoise, that is, because you eyes don’t get tired at all and the house interiors make you feel calm and comfortable.

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The living room is designed in a classical style, but also with modern elements. The two classy seats contrast with the improvised-look-alike coffee table and chests. The only spots of turquoise from here are given by little detail on the table, who also imitates a table, a few details on the pillows and a vase. That’s all, but seems enough!

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The furniture has a wasted look which makes though look very cozy. The kitchen keeps the tone of the living room. The furniture still look old and the walls are kept white, with a single turquoise detail.  It’s a picture with an Irving Berlin quote which says ‘How much do I love you? I’ll tell you no lie. How deep is the ocean? How high is the sky?’ Considering all these, I might say this house is a perfect nest or a couple of love birds.{found on houseofturquoise}.