Traditional space redesigned into a dreamy modern apartment

This apartment is the type of space that doesn’t really impress you at first site but which has a very smart and beautiful design which you get to fall in love with after you discover it. It’s an apartment situated in the center of Kiev, in a traditional building.

Kiev ukraine apartment

The apartment occupies three floors and it has a total surface of 861 square feet. It has been completely remodeled and it was a project by Ukrainian designer Olga Akulova. It was transformed into an amazing modern space with a functional and interesting distribution.

Kiev ukraine apartment1

Kiev ukraine apartment2

Kiev ukraine apartment3

Kiev ukraine apartment4

The limited space and layout made the project challenging. After the renovation, the entrance on the first floor leads to the living area which also incorporates the kitchen. It’s an elongated room with windows on both ends.Throughout the apartment, the rooms have pale wood floors that add a nice cozy vibe while maintaining a simple and modern appearance. There are also wood-paneled surfaces that increase the cohesiveness of the interior design.

Kiev ukraine apartment5

Kiev ukraine apartment6

Kiev ukraine apartment7

Kiev ukraine apartment8

Kiev ukraine apartment9

Kiev ukraine apartment10

Kiev ukraine apartment11

The overall color palette is a combination of warm and cold shades so the balance is very nice. There’s also a nice mix of textures, materials and shapes that complement the décor beautifully along with the modern artwork displayed on the walls. The design includes a series of Italian and Scandinavian influences that give the apartment its elegance and openness.