Outdated Toronto Loft Gets Modernized With Industrial Touches

Fed up with all the beige walls and orange-hued wood, the owners of this small loft located in Toronto decided it was time for a change so they asked Rad Design to come up with a new plan for their home. They wanted the loft to look clean and modern and to have a totally different vibe than before.

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The team completely demolished and then rebuilt the whole loft. Because it’s situated inside a converted warehouse, the rooms ended up being long and narrow so to make them appear spacious and organized, the new design focused on simplicity and brightness.

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The social area originally had beige walls and lots and lots of oak elements, including the floor. It felt cluttered and distracting. The designers chose to paint all the walls white and to use laminate wood for the new floors that looks like reclaimed barn wood.

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The fireplace used to feature an ornate mantel and didn’t stand out at all because of the color. Not it features a porcelain tile surround and the remaining portion of all above it was painted gray to match it.

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The living space also got custom-made shelving built of pipes and wood which offer the room an industrial vibe. This is where the owners display the collections of antique cameras and books on photography.

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The clients requested the new palette of materials to include simple options such as reclaimed wood and metal. They wanted the loft to look fresh, clean and inviting. The designers added to that a few industrial details such as the pipes, exposed ventilation ducts and the metal fixtures.

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In the kitchen, everything changed dramatically. All the wooden cabinets with glass doors that let everyone see the clutter inside were replaced with minimalist white furniture. All the appliances are white as well.

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The only contrasting elements are the natural stone backsplash with a raw finish that, in a way, matches the flooring and the artwork displayed on the crisp white walls.

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The bedroom opens onto the main social area through sliding doors. It sits on an elevated platform and, although small, has a very inviting vibe thanks to the new furniture.

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The bed was designed with a recessed base painted black to make it seem like the bed is floating. The frame was custom-built out of reclaimed wood.

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The bathroom, once all beige and obscure, is now a very fresh and bright space, almost entirely white with the exception of the floating wooden vanity. The sunken tub is hidden behind a long curtain and black and white photos are displayed on the opposite wall.

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