Top 5 Samsung Microwave Ovens

Microwave ovens have become a must-have in anyone’s kitchen. Nowadays it’s a lot easier to use the microwave oven to reheat the food, to defrost or to even cook some simple dishes. In the old days everything was a lot more difficult and complicated, and nobody complained about it because they didn’t know a better way to do it. However, today we have a choice. Here’s a selection of 5 microwaves from Samsung that you might find interesting.

1) 1.7 cu. ft. OTR Speed Oven Microwave

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This particular microwave oven features a large oven cavity that allows you to use bigger dishes and it’s very easy to use. You can select time and power by pushing only one button and the automatic defrost guarantees accuracy. Moreover, this particular model cooks faster than conventional microwaves. Available for $599.

2) 1100W 2.0 cu. ft. OTR Microwave

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Our second choice is a less expensive microwave oven that promises big results. The same as our first choice, this one has a large oven cavity and it’s also very easy to use. Also, this particular model has an easy sensor that allows you to save time by eliminating programming. Moreover, the oven removes odors effectively and quietly so you don’t have to leave the door open in order to do that.Available for $399.

3) 1100W 1.8 cu. ft. OTR Microwave

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This one has a similar but simpler design and, like the other two oven presented here, it also has a large oven cavity for big results. This particular microwave oven also features Turbo ventilation that will block out fumes but that’s not loud or disturbing in any way. The rapid defrost features is also a big plus. The oven is available in three color choices: black, white and stainless steel. Available for $279.

4) 1.7 cu. ft. OTR Capacity Microwave

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Our forth oven choice only comes in white and it also has a large oven cavity, even though it seems to be a little smaller than the other ones presented here. The automatic defrost feature is easy to use and guarantees good results. Also, this oven allows simultaneous programs to be used for a more efficient use of time. Available for $239.

5) 1.6 cu. ft. OTR Microwave

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The last oven we’re going to present here is a little simpler than the other ones but it’s also the least expensive one. It features auto defrost programs, touch control and allows you to use the two stage cooking method. Available for $179.