Tiny but beautifully-renovated apartment in Gothenburg

This apartment is located in a 1928 building from Bagaregården, Gothenburg. It only has one room and measures 39.1 square meters. It’s situated on the third floor in the three-story building and it used to have a rather old look. However, in 2011 the apartment was renovated and now features a modern, simple and very stylish décor.

2011 renovated apartment pallet tableView in gallery

This lovely apartment is currently for sale at the price of 1.075 million SEK. It’s a very bright apartment, filled with natural light and with a stylish interior. Despite the dimensions, the apartment seems very airy. It has wooden floors painted white as well as white walls and ceiling. It’s one of the important reasons why it seems so spacious when it’s actually not. The apartment only has a living room and a kitchen. The living area is spacious, very bright and very inviting. The décor is simple but elegant and modern. There’s enough room in there for a bed/sofa, a couple of armchairs and plenty of storage.

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2011 renovated apartment bathroom

The kitchen is also spacious. It has enough space for dining and can accommodate plenty of guests. It has windows facing the courtyard. The interior décor is also simple, bright and very clean and well organized. The work surfaces are made of concrete. There’s also a brick wall that adds texture and color. The kitchen also has plenty of storage hidden inside built-in cabinets, open shelves and a large pantry. It has stainless steel appliances that were bought in 2011. This apartment might be tiny but it’s very charming and would make a lovely home.{found on stadshem}.