Three bedroom home on Portland Road for sale

This beautiful house has been newly designed and it has a very beautiful décor. The exterior, as well as the interior, are very architectural and inspiring. This house is part of an elevated development situated behind a discreet entrance on Portland Road and it only includes a small number of properties.

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This is a 3-bedroom residence with a lovely interior and it’s currently on the market for £2,950,000. The house is not actually new but it has been drastically refurbished in 2009. This was the project of Grain Creative Ltd,W10. After that, the house looks significantly more modern. It now has a fresh, modern and bright interior décor.

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Of course, achieving that wasn’t easy. First the original and out-of-date interior had to be stripped out and then replaced with something contemporary and more suitable to the client’s specifications. Several other changes and additions have been made, like the huge retractable skylight, the glass staircases and the programmable lighting system.

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The house has a beautiful and spacious living room opened to the dining room and kitchen. There’s also a sitting room that leads to a large roof garden. Upstairs you can find the master bedroom, a second double bedroom and a third room that could either be a bedroom or an office. There is also a beautiful roof terrace at the top of the house.{found on domus}