A Few Clever Ways To Conceal Your Home Safe

Home safes are starting to gain popularity. They’re quite good if you want to keep some things safe as most burglars don’t even try to break safes open simply because it takes time and they risk being discovered. But simply having a safe is not enough. The hard part is concealing it. You want it to stay hidden both because it’s a lot safer this way but also because you don’t want it to cramp up your style and ruin your interior décor.

Mount it into the wall

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It’s pretty easy to hide a safe inside a wall, especially if it’s small. The bigger ones can still be concealed there but it’s a bit more difficult and this should be done during the construction of the home. Once the safe is inside the wall, you can conceal it with a clock, a painting, a bookshelf or some other sort of decoration.

Hide it in the floor

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The strategy is similar if you want a safe to be hidden in the floor. If it’s small enough, it could fit between two floor joints. The larger ones require a bit more planning and working with a structural engineer. Once the safe is in place, cover it with removable hardwood flooring, tile or carpet.

Camouflage it

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There are lots of ways in which you can camouflage a home safe. The smaller ones, for example, can be hidden behind a washer or dryer.

You can also hide them inside a closet and conceal them with clothes, boxes and other things.

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A small safe can be hidden inside a bed frame. Put some pillows or a blanket on top.

Larger safes can easily be concealed in the garage. Since this place is usually messy, you should be able to hide the safe easily. Put it behind the heater or the furnace or conceal it with a bunch of boxes.

Disguised safes

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Some safes are specially designed to look like something else so you can easily hide them in clear view. For example, some safes look like books, water bottles or cans.