Themed Rooms: Playful, Flirty Tropical Rooms

There’s something special about a bit of island flair. The relaxation and feeling of escaping the daily grind are unlike any of decorating theme. It’s like you’ve just stepped out of the stressfulness of a hectic life and jumped right into your favorite tropical vacation destination. Even if it’s just the back porch, you can add some of the tropics in stylish ways that look just as good as they can make you feel. Take a look at some of our favorite playful, flirty tropical rooms.

1. Subtle Tropics.

Tropical living room design

Not every piece of this foyer screams tropical, but when put together it creates the most perfect island entryway. The adorable flamingo artwork adds a unique touch. The beautiful throw rug with the vibrant florals. The fresh plant in the corner. It’s all very chic in a island, “Aloha” way. Who wouldn’t love to walk right into this after a long day at the office?

2. Neutral Tropics.

Tropical living room design

Even though we all naturally think about bold, bright colors when we think tropical, you can create that same earthy, island vibe using a neutral palette. It’ll take the edge off some of the harshness of neon shades and busy patterns. Create a bathroom with a bit of a that vacation fair we all love enjoy with just a few bouts of green and maybe a palm tree or  two.

3. Imaginative Tropics.

Tropical living room design

Give your backyard the tropical treatment. Get creative and make it a true escape from the runnings of the house. If you have a pool outside, give yourself something a little extra like this bright, bold outdoor shower. Illuminated by a gorgeous set of lush plants, this is a great (and stylish) way to spoil your guests and yourself!

4. Luxurious Tropics.

Tropical living room design

Of course you can always push the theme to the limits. Lofty ceilings, beautiful draping and the incredible tile – it couldn’t be anymore luxurious. The fresh, neutral palette sets the mood for a relaxing feel and all it needs are some fresh plants and a couple of tropical flowers to cap off the vision.

5. Modern Tropics.

Tropical living room design

Use bright colors in a clean and crisp way while still holding on to the tropical essence. Use crisp creams and beige as the foundation and then accent the room with chic island flair. Monochromatic pillows, woven accessories and some light plants will not only look tropical and feel tropical but also extends a sophisticated point of view.

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