The SuperWhatnot Bar Interior Design

This inviting bar is located in Brisbane, Australia. It was a project by Marc&Co who worked in collaboration with Nielsen Workshop.Together they managed to complete this project in 2011. The bar occupies an area of 100 square meters, in the loading dock of an abandoned beauty school. It’s an unusual location but this only makes the bar stand out more.

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The main idea behind this project was to create a bar that would stand out and distinguish itself from all the glossy retail frenzy in the adjacent streets. It had to be unique and to bring something new into the area. The architects managed to make the client’s wish come true when they designed this beautiful and imposing bar. They created a simple but inviting design with steel windows and original decorations inside.

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The bar was designed in three volumes. As you enter, the stair leads you to the main bar area. This space overlooks a sunken lounge. Above it is a loft verandah. These three sitting area are clearly separated but they still manage to form a harmonious composition.The interior design is simple and casual.

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The bar features a u-shape and the bar top is poured concrete in sacrificial steel formwork. The rear walls of the bar are covered with a large grey mirror. This creates the impression of a larger space while also opening up the atmosphere. The walls from one side are covered in brickwork and are a reminder of the history of this place. On the other side, the walls are covered with firberglass. It’s a contrasting look and this was exactly what the architects intended to create.{found on archdaily and pics by Alicia Taylor}.