The Sidewall Loft Clauwaert from Adn Architects

The Loft Clauwaert from And Architects was an attempt to furnish a 100 sqm space casco in a spirit loft with a very limited budget available. The architects wanted to preserve the crossing spaces and bring depth into the surroundings and hence all the technical and functional elements were inserted into a piece of furniture along the side wall.

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The bathroom found its place in the middle of the loft. To close and open spaces, a large sliding door was placed over the entire width of the apartment. The room was eventually raised by an estrade.

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It’s an interesting way of dividing an apartment. It’s actually quite convenient because it gives you privacy, it look good, it’s interesting and there are also those storage spaces incorporated in the wall design that offer you some extra storage space and save space as well.  So if you’re tires of the old and maybe unpractical design of your apartment, here’s an idea of how you can change that. This is a great way of turning your apartment into a more personal space, that you can design the way you want.

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I like this apartment. It looks very well organized and I especially like the way that those storage spaces are incorporated into the design of the walls. That’s a very clever idea and you can get inspired by it.