The Perfect Student’s Apartment Featuring A Nordic Design

Depending on the preferences of the owner as well as the function it needs to fulfill, each apartment can adapt its interior design in numerous ways. An apartment that is meant to be used by a student definitely needs to have certain particularities. It has to be functional more than anything but it also has to feel inviting and cozy, just like a home.

Student apartment small

We found this small apartment and we instantly thought it would be the perfect home for a student. The apartment measures only 36 square meters but it’s enough space for a single person to feel comfortable. Moreover, its interior design makes it seem quite spacious.

Student apartment small1

Student apartment small2

Student apartment small3

Student apartment small4

It has a Nordic-style interior, with white walls and ceilings and an overall bright and minimalist color palette. The slanted ceiling definitely makes it seem less spacious but it also has an advantage: it allowed the creation of skylights, a very beautiful feature for any apartment.

Student apartment small5

Student apartment small6

Student apartment small7

The apartment has an open plan, with a living space on one side, a work area on the other and the kitchen in a corner. The bedroom is also part of the same space and it consists in a bed placed in the corner, near the seating area. The small table can be used as a desk or work area but it also be a dining table.{found on vision}.