The Minimalist And Sophisticatedly-Renovated White & Water Apartment

Even though it’s true that almost all modern and contemporary homes have a minimalist interior design, they are also all unique. Minimalist comes in many forms and sometimes it can be dynamic, other types soothing and sometimes it can also be the true definition of sophistication.

Warsaw apartment white2

I think it’s fair to say that few apartments can be compared to this one. It’s a luxurious space with a sophisticated and very stylish interior. The apartment has been recently renovated. It was called the White & Water project and it was developed by Warsaw-based architects and interior designers Hola Design. Located in the heart of Warsaw, Poland, the apartment impresses with its simplicity and elegance.

Warsaw apartment white

Warsaw apartment white1

Warsaw apartment white3

Warsaw apartment white4

This beautiful apartment was designed for a young couple and it was envisioned as a space where the owners could escape the world and could find relaxation after a busy day at the office. The architects wanted this place to be simple in order to feel relaxing and soothing but they also wanted it to serve as a beautiful entertainment space for guests.

Warsaw apartment white5

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With those elements in mind, the team came up with a beautiful and balanced design. The apartment has an open floor plan that includes the kitchen, the living room and that has a dining table in the center which also serves as a focal point for the room. They decorated the bedroom in black and white and with brick walls. The bathroom is a very relaxing space, with stone and glass features.

Warsaw apartment white9

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Warsaw apartment white14

All the rooms in the apartment have sliding doors and this makes it feel open and airy while also allowing it to easily change function. For the renovation, the architects used mostly classic materials. The flooring is white lacquered oak and the furniture has a white lacquered finish as well. This makes the room seem spacious, airy and also sophisticated.