The Larkspur furniture collection for the bedroom

Even though the living room tends to take away all the attention, the bedroom is in fact the most important room of the house for some of us. Some people spend most of their day in the bedroom, whether they just like to sleep a lot or they also work in there. The bedroom needs to have a certain interior design that distinguishes itself fro all the other rooms. It needs to be tranquil, calm, soothing and relaxing.

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The bedroom doesn’t need much color nor does it need a lot of furniture. The Larkspur collection understands that and only offers the necessary elements while also adding a touch of style. The collection is composed of a bed, a dresser with mirror and a nightstand. All the pieces are made of massive wood and they have strong visual impact even without color or decorations. The bed is large and cozy and has a leather headboard. It seems massive and it has a vintage-modern look.

The collection also includes a beautiful dresser made of the same materials as the rest of the pieces from this collection. The dresser has a simple design with subtle details carved into the wood itself. It features a total of nine drawers of different dimensions, perfect for storing cloths and other items. The nightstand is very similar to the dresser. It’s like a miniature version of this one with only two drawers. It’s chic and elegant and it can also be sued as a display unit for a vase with flowers or a picture frame, etc. The collection is very beautiful and it includes all the elements that define a cozy bedroom.The price it’s available on request.