The Kempart Loft – a 1970s home with a futuristic interior

A person’s character and interests usually influence everything they do. For example, a very calm person that loves nature will probably choose to live in a home somewhere near a forest or a lake and the interior will be bright and serene. A person that’s interested in gadgets and technological discoveries will probably have a futuristic home. The Kempart Loft could be a nice example in this case. The owner’s interest in precision engineering has driven him to transform this 1970s loft into a futuristic home.

Kempart loft by dethier14

The loft can be found in Liege, Belgium. The interior décor that you can see in the pictures was a project by Dethier Architectures. It definitely doesn’t look old now. The transformation was major and lots of changes have been made on all levels. First of all, what anyone would notice are the aluminum finishes that have been used throughout the loft. Also, the aerodynamic forms are an interesting detail as well.

Kempart loft by dethier

Kempart loft by dethier1

Kempart loft by dethier2

Kempart loft by dethier3

Kempart loft by dethier4

Kempart loft by dethier5

Kempart loft by dethier6

The loft has an open floor plan. It’s divided by a series of small rooms with metal cladding. The ceiling is oblique like in the case of most mansards. The main color chosen for the interior is grey and the aluminum finishes also enter in this category.

Kempart loft by dethier7

Kempart loft by dethier8

Kempart loft by dethier9

Kempart loft by dethier10

Kempart loft by dethier11

Kempart loft by dethier12

Kempart loft by dethier13

There are also bold accents of color in all the spaces. For example, the dining table has been accessorized with red chairs and there’s also orange and lime illumination in the bathroom. The floor is grey and the walls are white so the background is neutral and very simple.