The impressive Alegra restaurant and lounge in Dubai

As usually, anything that comes from Dubai has to be impressive and eye-catching. This is the Alegra restaurant, bar and lounge. It’s located in Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. Alegra ( “happy in Spanish) was a project by San- Franciso based interior design firm Mr. Important. They are specialized in nightclubs, hotels, bars and lounges and they are also known for their ability to put an unforgettable twist in everything.

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The Alegra restaurant and bar measures 300 square meters. It sits in what is currently known as the world’s tallest building. It’s surrounded by hotels, shopping destinations and other entertainment options. Alegra features, as expected a very flashy interior. It includes high resolution LED screens, masses of glass, a contrast of warm colored lighting, as well as dynamic beveled surfaces. It’s an overwhelming image and yet it was necessary in order to impress.

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The trapezoidal “faceted” ceiling includes ceiling-mounted LED screens that basically dominate everything. The interior is decorated in warm tones of gold and yellow that reflect all sorts of colors on their glossy surfaces. There are a lot of geometrical elements involved in this design. Alegra serves as restaurant that then transformes as the DJs and VJs start entertaining the public. It’s a unique destination, one that you will definitely not forget. It would be basically impossible considering the interior design.{found on yatzer}.