The Harmonia Duplex Apartment – the perfect place to come home

Who says there’s no hope for a classic flat to become a modern one? The designers from the Brazilian studio Estudio Guto Requena proved that they could bring modern air into a duplex apartment from a neighborhood of the Brazilian city, São Paulo.A mixture of classic and modern, the apartment is the perfect place to live for a single person or young couple, without children, that enjoys luxury but still loves the antiques. Luxurious because the flat is equipped with new furniture and appliances. Antique because the designers added to the modern atmosphere few objects, as a typewriter, that keeps it cozy.

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The apartment has two levels, each of them with fully equipped spaces. In fact, the beauty of this flat consists in the perfect mixture between the wide spaces and the natural light that surrounds the place. The link between the two levels is made by a modern designed stone ladder that takes up very little space.

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The lower level is the ideal place for you to spend the day because it brings together the modern kitchen, the dining room and the stylish living room. The kitchen becomes then a perfect spot for your morning coffee, but still remains a pleasant place to cook. As for the living room, there`s the corner for you to watch a movie, read a book or simply chill with your friends. The level has his own bathroom.When the evening comes, the top floor terrace becomes a good place for you to watch the sunset, and enjoy the city-view. The terrace keeps a bohemian but still modern atmosphere, surrounded by plants and fresh air.

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The upper level hosts the new-made bathroom and the fancy bedroom, with a big comfortable bed and a giant TV, the perfect place where your day should end.A very nice combination of stone and glass, the apartment is the perfect place to come home after a busy day at work.