The Gossip Girl Producer Stephanie Savage Home Interior Design

Given the fact that I am a fan of the soap opera Gossip Girl, I can’t say that I don’t love producer Stephanie Savage’s house, where she carefully combined old Hollywood style with Mediterranean style on a 2.228 square foot, three bedroom, three bath, 1920’s property. The stucco covered home sits on a quiet street off the main thoroughfare in Los Feliz, an affluent, arty neighborhood that’s home to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Inside, Ms. Stephanie Savage painted the place in warm tones of beige, white or light gray, colors that create a beautiful environment to live a sophisticate lady and her two dogs.

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The living room, not the biggest space I’ve ever seen is decorated with two elegant sofas and a wooden bench that stands in front of a beautiful, black fireplace with detailed carvings, that holds many of the producer’s memories. Another beautiful room from this house is the kitchen. Here, we can see a modern furniture that contrasts with the black wooden floor, and a thick antique wood ladder that sits in the middle of Ms. Savage’s sterile white kitchen, object that she needs to help her reach high-up shelves and leaves it out as part of the décor.

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The dining room is a very intimate space, decorated with a round wooden table and six comfortable chairs, and also with some original paintings and a beautiful and sophisticate chandelier. Ms. Savage has also a place where she can display her book collection, a space with plenty of light and comfortable seats where to sit and relax. Keeping the same atmosphere in the master bedroom, she preferred to furnish her room with a big, comfortable bed and two tables for her personal objects, but to embellish them with two golden, modern lamps and a beautiful beige curtain in the back of the bed.

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Clothing and fashion are part of her life, so she created a dressing room with a big mirror and many shelves for her shoes, clothes and bags, a comfortable place for make-up and personal care. From outside we can see the Mediterranean-style house, and a large pool surrounded by grass and beautiful plants, the perfect place to rest and spend time with the family.{found on wsj}.