The ELG348 double oven

A lot of people spend most of their time in the kitchen either because they have to or because they really like to cook. In that case you might as well have the best appliances and try to make everything easier. Here’s the ELG348, a line backing machine.

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ELG348 offers a multifunctional oven with thermostat, an electric grill, an analogue LCD programmer and a rotisserie. It’s a very functional product for any kitchen. It has a compact design and this makes it very versatile and easy to integrate even in small kitchens. As for the dimensions, here they are in mm: 1550 width (excluding clubs), 900 table height and 625 depth (excluding the frontal pole).

The ELG348 also comes in several different colors. This way you also the options of choosing the one you like best or that best matches your kitchen’s décor. The colors available are anthracite, blue, green, burgundy, antique white and stainless steel. The ELG348 has a certain antique look partly because of its actual design and partly because of the details such s those golden lines that would make anything seem antique. It’s a multifunctional item, a great addition to any kitchen. Of course, you would have either to like cooking or to be forced to cook a lot because otherwise there’s no point in buying it.