The Abyss Pub Inspired By The Mysteries And Dangers Of The Sea

The designers from 6th Sense Interiors have taught us to expect great things and their latest project doesn’t disappoint. After being mesmerized by the Kaffeine bistro in Greece, we now visit Italy to have a look at the Abyss Pub. Like always, both the theme and the design are unique. This time the designers created an amazing decor inspired by the kraken.

Abyss Pub bar and tables
As the name suggests, the pub is inspired by the abyss and its mysteries
Abyss Pub tentacles
The bar is the main focal point of the pub, being the point from where the tentacles emerge
Abyss Pub ceiling water
The tentacles expand on the ceiling and creep above the bar and lounge areas

The legend of the kraken was inspired by a real creature: the giant squid. In the Nordic folklore, the kraken is believed to haunt the seas from Norway through Iceland and all the way to Greenland and to have a taste for human flesh which drives it to attach fishing boats and to drag them into the abyss. The octopus tentacles displayed above the bar in the Abyss pub are a representation of this legend.

Abyss Pub copper tentacles
Accent lights and projectors emphasize the tentacles and the ceiling design
Abyss Pub wooden floor
The floor is herringbone wooden parquet which creates a sense of comfort and cozyness throughout
Abyss Pub wooden boat
The most impressive decoration would have to be the wooden boat that adorns the ceiling

The copper tentacles are designed on a cardan cross system base and each arm measures nine meters in length. They spread across the ceiling and some extend to reach the boat which is the second focal point of the pub. A series of 10 projectors are used to illuminate the ceiling and to create a 3D illusion of dynamism, making it seem as if the sea is in motion.

Abyss Pub ceiling boat
The boat and the tentacles seem to be in motion, an impression created through light
Abyss Pub boat bottom
The boat is seen from beneath and gives everyone the impression of being underwater
Abyss Pub pipes and artwork
The rest of the pub is furnished and decorated with industrial and steampunk elements

Apart from the ceiling tentacles and the boat, the pub is also decorated with all sorts of other interesting elements which aren’t necessarily closely linked with the kraken theme. The struggle between monster and boat takes center stage and gives life to the kraken. Details such as the position and orientation of the tentacles and the spears that pierce them suggest the idea of movement, hence the realism of the decor.

Abyss Pub old phone
A custom designed phone introduces the guests into a unique ambiance
Abyss Pub wall decor
Exposed brick patterns on the walls create an atmosphere that’s warm and welcoming
Abyss Pub octopus decorations
The octopus and tentacle theme is continued with steampunk wall decorations

The tentacles and a set of other decorations which were custom designed for this project are made of polished and lacquered copper and they’re consistent with the industrial and steampunk styles that define most of the work of the 6th Sense designers. In addition to these, the pub is also furnished with plenty of reclaimed wood used for features such as bar shelves tied with rope to create the image of a shipwreck.

Abyss Pub violin
Custom-made musical instrument decorations play the music of the sea
Abyss Pub musical instruments
The instruments are displayed high on the wall above the arcade
Abyss Pub trumpet
Once again, accent lights makes the decorations stand out as focal points
Abyss Pub guitar
A guitar adorned with cogs features a beautiful silhouette highlighted with accent lights

The designers also customized a series of musical instruments and displayed them on the walls of the bar together with accent lighting that highlights their silhouettes and unique features.

Abyss Pub boat and water
It appears as if the tentacles are trying to drag the boat into the abyss
Abyss Pub boat nooks
The ceiling decoration isn’t the only boat-inspired feature. A series of custom shelving units can also be seen here
Abyss Pub bar decor
The tentacles are only one of the features that turn the bar into a focal point
Abyss Pub bar shelves
The bar shelves feature a combination of wood and rope and are nautical-inspired
Abyss Pub boat shelves
The boat shelves form three cozy seating nooks and accommodate the lighting fixtures for each one