Swing Kitchen Furniture by Warendorf

Today we would like to present you some kitchen furniture that will leave you speechless. The Swing Design kitchen range features furniture elements more typically associated with the living room. It camouflages the functional aspects of the kitchen in living room style elements that help it integrate perfectly with the living space. Wall mounted base units set off by a wall panel in different colors create a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere.

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The Swing kitchen was reinterpreted and presented with an architectural, space-defining layout. A row of units seems to float in the air and structures the space into an area of enjoyment. The wall elements are all made to float above the floor. The base units, like the wall units at head height, are wall-mounted without plinths. Even the appliance tall unit framed by system side panels is mounted above the floor.

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These pieces would look great in every modern kitchen. They have style and the best thing about them is that you can hide all of your appliances. This will make your guests enter it without realizing what the room really is. The feather-like feel of the Swing concept from Warendorf is the epitome of relaxed living, integrating the kitchen harmoniously into the living space.