Surprisingly Bright Loft Featuring A Clean Design

Located in the heart of Stockholm, this apartment has a typical Nordic interior design. It’s mostly white but it also features a range of complementary colors used as accents. A nice balance is thus created and the atmosphere and décor become inviting and comfortable. The apartment is similar to most Swedish spaces we’ve already presented because of the style and color palette.

Swedish apartment for sale6

The pure white background is like a blank canvas. It’s the perfect background to start with when you want to create a simple, airy and bright décor. in addition, since most of the room is white, when you introduce a color in the form of an accent piece, that element will stand out and it will instantly become a focal point in that space. It’s what happens in all the rooms of this apartment. The overall style chosen for this space is modern.

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Swedish apartment for sale

The apartment occupies a surface of 143 square meters. It has a total of four rooms. There are two bedrooms and a kitchen and they’ve all been renovated. The kitchen has a very clean design. It features stainless steel appliances and it including a nice dining space. The décor is modern and inviting. Also, the apartment has high ceilings throughout and this makes the rooms feel larger, more spacious and also gives them a more airy look.