Stylish penthouse apartment in Singapore

This unique penthouse apartment is located in Singapore and back in 2009 it was in really bad shape. In fact, it looked so bad that 80 potential buyers walked away from it. But not everyone did that. Mike Tay and Eugene Yip were able to see the potential behind that dark and old apartment.

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They saw the apartment as a sort of unpolished diamond from the 1960s that had great potential. After passing by the building several times without even wondering what was inside, one day they decided to take a peak inside and immediately fell in love with the place. The apartment had a faded beauty that the couple noticed right from the beginning. It had teak parquet floors, original four-paned swing windows and several other beautiful details.

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There are lots of beautiful vintage elements inside this apartment and this is really rare in the area of Singapore since many of the 1960 and 1970s structures have been demolished. The apartment originally included its own private roof terrace measuring 1,800 square feet. It used to be a lovely addition even though over time it mostly became a huge pile of junk. Still, the views from there are spectacular. The couple currently own this place and they made some serious transformations. They share the place with their four dogs and everyone seems to love it.{found on nytimes}