Stylish mid-century kitchen makeover

In most mid-century homes the kitchen is isolated from the rest of the house. It’s only considered to be the place for preparing meals and cooking. It’s not the social area that we consider it to be these days. That’s why it’s difficult to even try to bring them up to date. This is one of those kitchens and it recently got a beautiful makeover. Even though it’s not as open and accessible as modern kitchens, it got a lovely new look.The house is located in Portland, Oregon. It used to have an isolated kitchen but after the makeover that space was opened up to the rest of the house. It’s now a cozy and inviting area.

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The makeover was a project by Vanillawood. After opening this space up the kitchen, the living and the dining area are now a large common area. The kitchen got a completely new look. It used to be small and cramped and now it’s larger, more airy and more spacious, not to mention more elegant.

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The kitchen features a large window that provides natural light while also offering amazing views of the Pacific Northwest landscape. It has a simple design with a Corain sink and glass doors offer access to the patio. The floors are covered with oak wood and part of the walls has been entirely covered with wood cabinets. The kitchen also includes an island with practical countertops and eleven drawers that provide plenty of storage space. The cabinets have stainless steel hardware and the walls have been covered with wallpaper. Overall, the kitchen has a modern look and a much more efficient and practical design.{found on thekitchn and pics by Ty Milford}.