Stylish black and white loft with a minimalist design

Black and white interior designs are quite numerous. This combination is a classical and has been popular for quite some time. This means that you’ll find black and white interiors that feature different styles and some have been through several transformations but maintained their colors thanks to their timeless beauty as a combo. In the case of this loft, the interior design is contemporary.

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The home was originally a grocery warehouse and then it became an engineering workshop only to be transformed into an artist’s studio. The latest transformation has turned this place into a contemporary residential house. The two-storey structure has a very beautiful interior design which was done by Ian Moore Architects. This place has been decorating exclusively in black and white. It’s not the first space to feature this combination but it’s one of the few that mange to make it interesting.

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The bedroom is part of an open floor plan and yet it’s partially hidden behind the massive furniture. Here too we can see the same combination of colors, also beautifully balanced. What’s beautiful and interesting in this home is that, even though the black elements are massive and striking, even dramatic some might say, the rooms manage to be bright and airy.

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Notice that the black and white features come in big blocks. In other words, there are no patterns and no combinations of small items featuring these colors. For example, in the living room we can see that the walls and the floor are white. But the furniture is all black, including the large box-like piece. This makes the contrast seem even stronger. There are no small accessories such as white pillows on the black sofa and other similar items.

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The bathroom is a surprise as there are no black elements in its décor. It’s a completely white space with mirrored surfaces and chromed accents. The décor here looks very clean and bright and the atmosphere is very calm, soothing and relaxing.