Fun Ways To Style the House and Decorate with Orchids

Exotic, refreshing, gorgeous and a bit of a romantic sensuality too, orchids are one of the most luxurious of flowers. And bringing them inside your home is a wonderful way to bring that light and organic beauty that fresh florals have the ability to do but with the extra pop and pizzazz that these specific, ultra feminine petals can add. From blue to white to deep and rich purples, orchids come in a stunning variety of colors. Now let’s take a peek at 19 fun ways to style the house and decorate with orchids, including ones that comes in prints and on canvases.


Shell orchid ideaView in gallery

Here’s a beautiful project to recreate as you use a large seashell – or something similar – as your orchids’ home. We love how this compliments the foyer in a delicate, summertime way.


Accent flowersView in gallery

This accent truly sets the scene making this master bathroom a sophisticated and relaxing escape. Here we see how gorgeous a classic orchid as it shows off its ivory and purple petals.


Blossoming dining table flowersView in gallery

This blossoming orchid makes for the most perfect addition to this sophisticated dining room. Give your space a punch of live with fresh florals, but know these potted plants can last much longer than fresh-cut flowers.


Vintage inspired bathroom orchidsView in gallery

Your thought-provoking and vintage-inspired bathroom can use a dash of vivaciousness. There’s a timeless spirit about these orchids that fit well within this theme.


Farmhouse dining room with orchids decorationView in gallery

We’re in love with this eclectic and cozy setting and we love the orchid additions even more so. They provide such a gorgeous elegance to this more casual scene.{found on nastasivaildesign}.


Tropical design for living roomView in gallery

This subtly tropical living room gets an extra breath of life with the addition to the beautiful orchids in the middle. Providing a gorgeous focal point, the charming and exotic nature of this space is sheer perfection.


Bathroom wallpaper orchids themeView in gallery

Make sure these beautiful flowers last forever by using them on the walls. Believe it or not, wallpapering an accent wall could be the answer to your prayers.


Outdoor patio orchidsView in gallery

Highlight your patio with a bit of femininity and elegance. Create a scene full of orchids adding a bit of a sophisticated and outside-the-box, outside appeal.{found on villasukubali}.


Dining area magis chairs with gorgeous flowersView in gallery

This nook was designed to be a spot to have orchids grow and thrive. But we also love how this neutral room is popped with color by the addition of these gorgeous florals.


Mirrored end table orchidView in gallery

Add some power and charm to your office by a bout of orchids taking a spot inside. It truly adds a touch of whimsy and elegance.


Orchid wallpaper staircaseView in gallery

Here’s another example of how wallpaper, covered in these sultry petals, can create quite the surprise. We love how it acts not only as a compliment but an artistic choice as well.


Clean bathroom design orchidsView in gallery

Look how clean and refreshing a bathroom can be in pure white and that revitalizing feeling is only accented and highlighted by a bout of fresh flowers throw inside.{found on designaspace}.


Hanging wall orchidsView in gallery

If you respond well and are inspired by more natural and organic accents, why not have a mix of plants around the house. Hang them, plant them and sprinkle them in surprising areas for a special pop.{found on landstudiomiami}.


Welcome with a large floral vaseView in gallery

Give your guests a warm welcome with a large floral design placed front and center in the foyer. With the right type of arrangement you’ll have both the drama and elegance you need to cause a stir.


Asian inspired bathroom orchidsView in gallery

Orchids can also provide some extra inspiration to any style of room. Just look at this subdued and chic Asian-inspired bathroom, the freshness creates an even more uplifting and refreshing ambiance.


Dining table vases flowers orchidsView in gallery

Orchids also do well inside contemporary visions. Just look at precise and chic these aligned vases are filled with these elegant petals.


Design vase table centerpiece orchidsView in gallery

A breathtaking design may be exactly what you need to cause the right kind of scene in your home. Orchids can be the centerpiece but add a few other fillers for texture too.{found on funnyhowflowersdothat}.


Cottage style orchidsView in gallery

Fresh flowers always do well within the charming, cottage-styled home. And pure white orchids are no exception to that.{found on liagriffith}.


Popping yellow OrchidsView in gallery

Orchids truly come in a stunning variety of colors, including bright and popping yellow. Just look at how these florals brighten up this dark and hipster-esque living room.{found on garrisonhullinger}.