Student Apartment Complex Revitalizes Space Efficiency

In high-density cities such as Hong Kong, finding an apartment for rent as a student is a real struggle, not to mention that the pricing is usually a big problem. Architecture and design practices are now starting to work hard on finding solutions for this problem.

Student apartment in Hong Kong interior design overall

LYCS Architecture is a practice founded in 2010. It specializes in cutting-edge design and in finding creative solutions for simple and basic problems. Although currently developing designs for high-end residential projects, 5-star hotels, high-end clubs, green and energy-efficient office buildings and art galleries, the team is also responsible for transforming a hotel into an apartment complex for students.

Student apartment in Hong Kong central table

The project aims at providing a solution to renting in high-density cities from China. The building is now called Campus Hong Kong and includes 48 renovated apartments for students.

Student apartment in Hong Kong social area

During the transformation, a series of existing partition walls were removed. Originally these separated two rooms inside an apartment but the new layout makes room for a central table that becomes the main element in the social or study area.

Student apartment in Hong Kong window desks

Each room in the apartment complex now measures approximately 27 square meters or around 290 square feet which is not a lot but provides plenty of space for a student to feel comfortable in. in order to make the rooms as functional as possible, the designers adopted a series of customized solutions. The bed is raised on a platform becoming a loft bed. It has a steel access ladder, a curtain for privacy, electrical wall sockets, a wall niche for storing small items and a reading light.

Student apartment in Hong Kong loft bed and desk

Under each bed there’s a desk, comfortably placed in front of the windows and mounted of the wall to create a sense of spaciousness throughout. Each student enjoys a personal space where built-in shelves, lockable drawers and a luggage area offer storage and which is also equipped with a clothes rail and a desk with a multi-socket USB hug.

Student apartment in Hong Kong sleeping area

Each apartment has its own bathroom and kitchen. They’re small but modern and quirky.

Student apartment in Hong Kong plan