Snowball Glass Shakers

My kitchen and all the cabinets and closets are filled with smaller or bigger items that I need when cooking or preparing a festive dinner. One of these items are the shakers that I need for salt and pepper. They are indispensable on any table because people are different and they have different tastes, so you can’t prepare the same food to be perfect for everybody’s taste. So each person will just use the shakers to add as much salt or pepper they like. But since they are small and you only notice them when you need them, I prefer looking for some special design or shape / colour. These Snowball Glass Shakers are perfect for my taste and they can bring a very interesting touch to any dinner table.

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These shakers are made of hand blown glass, but because they would be transparent and totally boring otherwise, the manufacturer thought it would be a good idea to add some funny yellow “bumps” on the exterior, also made of glass. They have small glass pedestals for better stability, but I think the design is great. This and the fact they are hand made make them so original and nice. You can buy them now for $56.