Singapore Home Interior Design Pictures

When talking about Singapore Interior Design it is quite interesting to look at the legacy of house and homes in Singapore and how that has changed over the years. Nowadays the  color, light airy spaces, and modern furnishings are a must have.

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It’s a very modern and beautiful place. The attention to details is again amazing. There are a lot of beautiful decorations and let’s nor forget the furniture which is also modern and comfortable, plus it has some unique features. I really like the vibrant colors. It’s beautiful how all the color tones work together to create a beautiful and equilibrated image.

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The overall design is first of all modern, but also elegant and let’s not forget fun. The staircase is very beautiful and intriguing and the suspended shelves are also a nice detail. Plus, there are so many beautiful and original things that I don’t know what to describe first. I like the fact that every room has its own style, its own colors and décor. It’s like each room has a theme. But they all share in common the vibrant colors and the fun features. The living room is the most expressive from this point of view. I like the paintings that hanging on the walls. I also like the kitchen. It’s simple but still interesting and fun. I like the suspended lamp, it has a very nice look.