Shade of plum for walls in a tiny New York apartment

This is another small but beautiful apartment. It’s located in New York and it only measures 311 square feet. It’s a tiny place but it’s also someone’s cozy home. This apartment is located in an old building. However, this is not a defect but a detail that makes it unique. Because of its location, the apartment features many beautiful architectural details such as moldings and other elements that give it character.

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This apartment got the name of “The Rabbit Hole”. The name is very suggestive. The bedroom features a little trap door in the wall. It’s sealed but it’s there and it’s been subject to many conversations and stories. Since that little door resembles the one that leads to Wonderland, it served as inspiration for the rest of the décor. The walls are painted with a shade of plum and the whole place is colorful and seems part of a story.

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As usually, one of the biggest challenges when dealing with a tiny apartment is the storage. In this case, with a little creativity and ingenuity, the bedroom got both a lifted platform bed as well as a closet. The platform bed provides even more storage since it incorporates a series of drawers and shoe racks.

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Another ingenious piece of furniture is a table that can be put on the wall to save space. Its legs can be unscrewed and stored under the bed and only the top goes on the wall. There are also the usual extendable pieces of furniture such as the sofa bed. Overall, this apartment shows us that there are many ways of creatively using the space you have available, even when it’s limited