Sculptural Pod Transforms A Warehouse Into A Unique Home

Warehouses have been converted into homes for a long time now but none of the existing projects can be compared to this one. This is a large warehouse located in Sydney that leading Australian architecture firm AJ+C (Allen Jack + Cottier) transformed into a modern residence. The firm was established in 1952 and specializes in both residential and commercial architecture, changing “the way people live, work and play” wherever they go.

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The warehouse, now a stylish home, has a total surface of 1060 square meters organized on two levels. The most striking and unusual thing about the makeover is the existence of a sculptural white pod on the upper level.

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The pod is molded around timber trusses and sits at the center of the communal areas. The living space, the kitchen and the dining area are organized around it. The sculptural structure resembles a cocoon and is made of carbon-fiber with a semi-gloss finish.

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The role of the pod is a double one: it serves both as a dramatic and striking centerpiece for the social areas and it houses a sleeping area inside. The interior is composed of the master bedroom and its en-suite bathroom.

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The floor inside the pod is leather-clad and the walls and ceiling have organic forms. A skylight illuminates this space and recessed LED lighting highlights the organic form of the floor. The exterior surface of the pod is used as a screen for projections.

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The rest of the residence features an eclectic style. Old and new, different materials, prints and colors come together in a harmonious composition meant to offer this industrial building an inviting and pleasant look in order to make it feel like home.

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The lower level is occupied by an indoor swimming pool, a steam room, a bar, a walk-in dressing area and two more bedrooms. In order to be able to transform the warehouse into a welcoming home, some portions of it had to be drastically altered.

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In the end, the result is a harmonious and unique space where styles and influences come together naturally and where the focus in on comfort and looks alike. The client didn’t want to emphasize the views. Still, the upper floor living area opens onto the patio and the indoor and outdoor communicate seamlessly.

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The project is charming for a variety of other reasons as well. For example, the exposed brick walls manage to bring comfort into the rooms in a rather unfinished way and some of the original features of the space contrast with most of the new additions. Even so, there’s a beautiful sense of cohesiveness throughout.

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