Rope Bottle Opener

You have no idea how many things you need in the house until you buy one and move in there. And, as time goes by, you realize that you need this and this and this again, so you start buying them. You gather them until you no longer have a place to deposit them, being sorry you bought all sorts of items you only once or twice used in five years. This is the Rope Bottle Opener. Of course you need one in your kitchen or even in the dining room because polite guests who come for dinner have this habit of bringing bottles of wine and you need an opener. Actually this gadget is not made for cork screws that are usually used for wine bottles, but more likely for soda bottles or beer bottles.

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These beverages have metal caps that require such a bottle opener. I can’t say much about this item because it is a thing we all have in our homes. It is funny looking and tried to combine a useful feature with a funny design. The bottle opener looks like a small noose with a piece of rope in the end and this covers almost entirely the metal end that is used for opening beer bottles. You can use it in your home or make it a gift for a male friend. The item can now be bought from Haus Interior for $29.