Roomscapes Island

Space is very important, especially when you live in small apartments and also when your house is crowded with lots of different toys and clothes and other small items that need some storage space. SO the best thing to do is find a very effective way of using the space you have available at its best. And one of the coolest and most effective ways is to use a corner shelf. This piece of furniture is great because it uses some space you will never use otherwise, that is the corner of a room. These shelves fit the corner perfectly and can help you organize your house in a pleasant way. In fact you can sometimes combine these shelves into a very nice Roomscapes Island.

F794If you put four such corner shelves next to each other you will have a round island used for storage that looks like an individual piece of furniture and very few people will realize it is actually made of four corner shelves. So if you purchase this “island” for View in gallery

$875 you will have the opportunity to have an elegant living room furniture or a very useful one for the kids room that you can transform easily when you need to. So basically you get four items in one.