Roller Ring Shower Curtain Rings

Small things are not that unimportant and sometimes they make the difference between a fine day and a totally annoying one. Let me give you a simple example: when you go and take a shower in the morning, you always draw the shower curtain in order not to spill water on the bathroom floor or to protect your privacy if you live with some other people in your house. Any way, accidents do happen and it is so annoying when you want to draw the shower curtain and you can’t because it gets stuck as it is wet. That usually happens with the shower curtains that do not have rings, but use the same fabric for hanging. So shower curtain rings can be really useful.


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These Roller Ring Shower Curtain Rings are perfect for your shower and for your bathroom because they have some friction free rolls that help then slide on the shower support easily and this way you can move the curtain to the sides with a single move. They are very easy to use as you only need a light tug  to open or close the curtain. The rings are made of solid brass and stainless steel to protect them from the moisture in the bathroom, but they do have a heavy duty plating. The set of twelve is enough fro one shower curtain and you can have one for $9.95.