Luxury Apartment Invites The Ocean Into Its Art-Infused Rooms

Located in Rio de Janeiro, this spacious luxury apartment was designed by Studio Arthur Casas. The clients had two main requests. The couple wanted to be able to enjoy the ocean views without obstructions and to have the possibility to display their large art collection.

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The studio came up with a perfect design. The layout they envisioned would frame the landscape, let in the ocean views and the light-colored limestone and the white walls and ceilings would create a crisp contrast with the artwork and the views.

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And that’s exactly how the apartment was designed. The entrance area instantly introduces you into a stunning space. Sliding glass doors allow the views of the Atlantic to be visible from here. The large hallway serves as an art gallery and modern pieces complement the walls in the most beautiful way.

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The living room has sliding doors that separate it from the home theater and the gourmet kitchen. The clients asked for an open kitchen next to the dining area and the wine cellar so they can turn this whole volume into the perfect entertainment zone.

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Beautiful fabrics developed specifically for this living room feature greenish hues that bring the outdoors in, establishing a strong connection with the ocean and the sky.

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The master bedroom faces the ocean. It has a glass bathroom partition which allows these amazing views to be admired from the tub. The décor here is kept simple, a few large planters on the balcony adding a bit of color to the space.

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The apartment includes two other bedroom suites for guests and children, one of which can be turned into a playroom. In addition to these spaces, there’s also a home office, a spa and several wide balconies that surround the apartment and serve as buffer zones between the interior spaces and the expansive views of the Atlantic ocean.

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The furniture used here was selected from various antique shops, a lot of the pieces being from the 1950s. They were mixed with classical and contemporary pieces to create a casual ambiance throughout.

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