Revisit Traditional Architecture by Opting For Coffered Ceilings

Coffered ceilings are a feature that defines traditional interiors. With time, it has been forgotten. But coffered ceilings can be reinvented and there are lots of ways in which you can reintroduce them into your home. Coffers are basically dropped beams that form a grid.

Kitchen with coffered ceiling
A traditional type of coffered ceiling would look good in a space sharing the same design

Traditional designs usually featured regular spacing and heavy millwork but nowadays the focus falls more on the visual effect and on the modern twists that can applied to this type of design.Technically, coffered ceilings would look best in spaces with high ceilings because they add dimensions to a space but they also interfere with the overall structure and openness of a room.

Living room coffered ceiling
A coffered ceiling often adds elegance to a space such as the living room
Living room coffered ceiling1
Use color to emphasize the design of the ceiling and to also create a cohesive décor
Kitchen with coffered ceiling1
A more modern variation of the traditional coffered ceiling in this large kitchen
Living room coffered ceiling2
Use flat boards instead of heavy beams to give the ceiling a lighter look
Elegant living room leather sofa
Lighting is an important detail in the case of coffered ceilings
Red leather sofa for livingroom
You can include similar architectural features throughout the room for a continuous décor

As for the designs and variations, there are many ways in which you can adapt this detail to your own home. For example, you can maintain a traditional design while also giving it a modern twist by emphasizing an asymmetrical arrangement of the beams. Also, flat boards can be used instead of moldings. You can also use color and unusual materials to turn the ceiling into a beautiful focal point.

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