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Improve Your Home’s Water with Reverse Osmosis System

Unless you are one of the people who cares about the quality of water that you’re drinking, you probably don’t know what reverse osmosis is.

reverse osmosis water system

Reverse osmosis basically removes contaminants from the water, making the water purer. When the water is filtered, the freshwater is called permeate and the leftover waste/dirty water is basically called the brine. So basically, all the bad stuff in the water that you hear about is removed by reverse osmosis.

Now that you have an idea of what it is, read on to see why you should have a reverse osmosis system and why we picked some of the best ones on the market.

Top Picks

Best Overall: Home Master Reverse Osmosis System

This high-quality reverse osmosis system by Homemaster gives you a super-fast flow of water just when you need it the most.

Most versatile: Brio Commercial Grade Bottleless Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter

From making water taste better to giving you water temperatures of your choice to the self-cleaning option, Brio is the reverse osmosis system that you want.

Best Price: iSpring Reverse Osmosis System

Being on the cheaper side, iSpring still delivers by giving you crystal clear water with important minerals added back in.

How to choose

These are the following factors that you should consider before buying a reverse osmosis system for your home:

Water waste

Believe it or not, not all water that’s pumped through the reverse osmosis filter is all pure water. You will be lucky, maybe 50% or less is safe to drink. The rest is actually waste. When looking for a RO system, make sure you get a unit that gives you at least 50% or more that is safe to drink vs waste.


Filtering gallons of reverse osmosis water takes a lot of time, so you’ll want to consider getting a larger tank/container if you and your family are planning to drink filtered water all day long.


There are some reverse osmosis filters that can filter water exactly when you need it, but a lot of time likes to take their sweet time. If drinking filtered water is going to be a thing for you and your family, you should consider a system that can filter 50 gallons or more a day.

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Reverse osmosis systems for homes are not cheap. They can range from $200 to over $2000. The lower end ones will have the very basics and likely be smaller, while the more expensive ones are bigger and have more features that are attractive.

Different Types of Reverse Osmosis Systems


We’ve been mainly talking all about residential reverse osmosis systems in this guide. They are the ones where you can put them under your sink or against the wall in another area (if doing the whole house reverse osmosis system). It uses lower gallons per minute and they’re usually much smaller than the commercial one.


These ones are much larger than the ones that’s meant for the homes. There are also more gallons per minute flowing in this system. Also, these reverse osmosis systems can be customized to meet the needs of a certain company. These ones of course, would be in the thousands as it’s usually customized for the company’s needs.

Benefits of Reverse Osmosis

Clean Water

Reverse Osmosis water is much safer to drink than regular water. It reduces your risk of dangerous components and you won’t even need to drink from bottled water anymore once you’ve started drinking reverse osmosis water. Also, it filters out dangerous components such as:

  • Lead
  • Salts
  • Particles/Parasites
  • & more

Tastes better

It’s one of the reasons why we drink liquids in general. Because it tastes good. If the water smells awful, it’s likely either magnesium or sulfur, which is plain nasty. But if you have a reverse osmosis system, it filters out that nastiness and you’ll have filtered, crisp, clean water to drink or to use for dishes.

Saves Money

We live in such an expensive world as it is. The cost of groceries is going up; bills are piling up and there doesn’t seem to be a break. If you’re continuously buying bottled water, that can be very expensive. However, if you get a reverse osmosis system, you’ll save so much money on water alone because you’ll be drinking clean water for practically free.

Top 7 Reverse Osmosis Systems

Apec Water Premium Quality 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Filtration System

reverse osmosis water system

First, we start off with the Apec Reverse Osmosis Filtration System because it’s been tested and certified, and even has a WQA gold seal to deliver the freshest, filtered drinking water at a price that you can afford. It is guaranteed to remove at least 99% of all continents, so that’s always a thing that makes people feel better because you never know what you are drinking. It features a 5-filter cartridge and has water pressure from 40-85 psi (pound per square inch). This also has 0.035 gallons per minute, so you can rest assured that it’s always filtering water.

This reverse osmosis system is meant to be under your sink, so installation is not that hard. It is also certified leak-free so that you don’t have to worry about leaks.


  • 5 filters
  • Effective
  • WQA gold seal certified


  • Filters are expensive to replace

Reverse Osmosis Drinking System

reverse osmosis water system

This Reverse Osmosis system for home by SWRO-Nickel is one you should consider. It filters heavy metal such as lead, fluoride and arsenic. It fits underneath the kitchen sink and it provides a whopping 75 gallons per day of clean, filtered water. The water pressure is about 30-125 PSI, so you know that it’ll be working hard for you to give you nice, clean filtered water.

What’s great about this brand, is that they offer a warranty on the tanks if things are not working the way it’s supposed to be, which is a huge bonus. It’s a perfect solution for your home if you are looking for cleaner water.


  • 75 gallons per day
  • Warranty
  • High PSI


  • May be too expensive for some people

6-Stage Reverse Osmosis

reverse osmosis water system

The Pelican Reverse Osmosis system for the home has everything you need for the whole household. It has 6 unique stages to make sure it goes from unfiltered to clean, filtered water. What’s cool about this reverse osmosis system is that it has its own filter that gives benefits (calcium & magnesium, which are essential nutrients/electrolytes). This system can filter 50 gallons of water per day and it’s environmentally friendly. It also has a water pressure of 40-80 PSI, so it’s a good amount of pressure. It’s environmentally friendly because it’s small and compact, which meant there were less resources needed to be used by the manufacturer.

There’s little to no maintenance to be done as you just change the 2 stage filter every 6 months or so. You’ll also need to change your 4-stage membrane at least every 18 months. For the cartridge, you’ll only need to change once. There is a 1-year warranty if you have issues with this reverse osmosis system.


  • Small, compact, environmentally friendly
  • Essential benefits included in filter
  • Made in USA


  • Expensive to maintain

Home Master Reverse Osmosis System

reverse osmosis water system

This certainly is not one of the most affordable options but you’ll find the Home Master whole house reverse osmosis system quality is hard to beat. It delivers amazing water pressure of 40-90 PSI. The permeate pump along with the ⅜ dispenser tubing in this system, is the reason why there’s a faster flow of water, especially compared to other whole house reverse osmosis systems.

The downside is, there is some noise (as expected) but you can still go on with your life as it’s not that bad. But obviously if it’s very loud, the installation may have not gone right, and you’ll have to look at it again or get someone who’s experienced installing reverse osmosis systems. The good news though, you only need to change the filter once a year (or every 2,000 gallons) so it’s very low maintenance. There is a 5-year limited warranty if you had issues with installation or any other issues with this reverse osmosis system.


  • The fast flow of water
  • Gives high-quality minerals
  • NSF Certified components


  • You may get health issues

iSpring Reverse Osmosis System

reverse osmosis water system

The iSpring Reverse Osmosis system is one that you should definitely consider for your home. It adds safe minerals back into the water and it raises the pH to be more alkaline. So that’s why people are getting fresher water with these reverse osmosis systems.

It can produce 75 gallons per day, through 6 stages of filtration, so you can feel at ease that it’s always at work giving you the freshest taste that you deserve. We should note that it wastes 3 gallons to produce a gallon of purified water, with the water pressure being 45-70 PSI so that means it will give you a steady stream of water with a decent amount of pressure.

You can install this system within the hour if you’re experienced setting reverse osmosis systems up. It also comes with a faucet and a pressurized storage tank. There is a 1-year warranty should you have issues with the system.


  • 75 gallons of water
  • Add safe minerals to water
  • 1 year warranty


  • It can leak sometimes

Waterdrop RO Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

reverse osmosis water system

The Water Drop RO is a tankless reverse osmosis system that can give you drinking water in about 12 seconds. It can give you at least 8.5 gallons of drinkable water. It is compact and slim, so that means it can fit under the sink if needed to be. It also comes with 3 filters, and it has a smart pressure pump, which means it can produce filtered water faster than other whole house reverse osmosis systems, which is good, because time is valuable when trying to get a glass of water or water for the pot. This RO system filters water through 7 stages, and it removes at least 99% harmful substances.

With this RO, you will need an electrical outlet as it needs to be plugged in, in order for it to work. Another cool feature of this RO system is that it has automatic flushing, so every 2 hours, it will automatically flush the system out for 20 seconds and if you’re on vacation it will flush automatically for 1 minute every 24 hours. Another cool feature about this RO, that it has a leakage protection, where if it detects a leak, it turns off the water/power supply until the leak is fixed, which is a good idea since it’s running on electricity and there may be other appliances that use electricity nearby.

Waterdrop does offer a warranty if you should have issues with this reverse osmosis system for the home.


  • Leaking Protection
  • Automatic Flushing
  • Warranty


  • Replacement filter hard to find to replace

Brio Commercial Grade Bottleless Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter

reverse osmosis water system

Finally, we have a whole house reverse osmosis system by Brio that you should consider. It is very user-friendly, as the installation is very easy, you just install the quick connecting filters and connect the cooler to a water line and voila. It will remove at least 99% of harmful components (which is the point of reverse osmosis) and it also has a hot/cold/room temperature water that you can choose from. You can think of this system as a soda machine but with water, so you can set it up anywhere in your house. A cool feature about this system is that it’s self-cleaning, where all you have to do is push the button and it sanitizes the water tank and lines.

Brio does have a warranty should you find issues with this system, which is always good to have in case things do go wrong.


  • Reliable and powerful
  • Self-cleaning
  • Hot/cold/room temp options


  • Installation may or may not be difficult, depending on the user


Why is remote osmosis water bad for you?

If not filtered properly, it can leach the important electrolytes/minerals out of your body, making you feel ill.

Is a reverse osmosis system worth it?

It is especially worth it if you live in an area that has just well water, which is well, dangerous to drink. Tap water from a city line is fine as well, but a reverse osmosis system helps filter that out so that you’re not putting dangerous components in your body. It’s also always good to test your water.

Is reverse osmosis water good for health?

It does remove lead, which leads to high blood pressure/kidney issues. There are also no parasites so you won’t get a random infection drinking reverse osmosis water. There’s 0 sodium in the reverse osmosis water making it perfect for people who are on a low salt diet. So, yes it can be good for health.

How much does a reverse osmosis system cost?

It really depends on your budget, but it can range from $200 to over $2000.

The Bottom Line

Having a remote osmosis system for the home is definitely a personal choice. A lot of people want a whole house reverse osmosis system because the water quality tastes much better than regular old tap water. (Filtered water always does!). But you should consider if you need one for your home. If you’ve enjoyed reading this guide today, please leave a comment below!