Retro bling penthouse interior design by LecaroliMited

What you see here is a very special penthouse located in Berlin. The residence sits on 400 sq meters and it has a very special interior design. It was created by LecaroliMited, an architectural office known for its surprising and flamboyant designs. It was founded in 2005 by Oskar Kohnen and Fabian Freytag and it never ceases to amaze us ever since. The owners of this lace wanted to maintain and open floor plan. In order to do that, the architects working at this project decided to create a series of boxed structures.

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The residence is split into two levels and the overall interior design is a combination of retro and glamorous elements that apparently have nothing in common but that combined give the results that you see here. I order to create a dynamic and surprising décor, the interior was filled with a multitude of mirrors. They were made on site out of small and non uniform pieces of bespoke custom painted glass. Each piece was split by hand. The mirrored surfaces help create different perspectives from different areas of the house. It’s like living in a permanent illusion.

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Besides these elements, there are also interesting furniture choices, custom designed for the residence. They feature vibrant colors and bright fabrics. One particularly interesting piece is the dining table. It’s a modular and adjustable piece that has multiple configurations. It can be 6 meters long and from there it only gets shorter.{pics by Gerrit Engel and found on lecarolimited}