Renovated and restructured narrow apartment in a historic neighborhood from Barcelona

Located in an old building from the historic neighborhood of Poble Nou in Barcelona, this narrow apartment practically begged for a renovation. The extremely narrow floor plan was definitely an inconvenience for both the clients and the architects that had to conduct the project. The loft had a surface of 100 square meters.

Ylab arquitectos loft

The project was developed by YLAB arquitectos and the main concern was introducing more natural light into the apartment. Given its deep and narrow plan, managing to create an airy, spacious and bright look was a challenge.

Ylab arquitectos loft1

Ylab arquitectos loft2

Ylab arquitectos loft3

In order to respond to this major request, the architects needed to remove a few partitions. The main living spaces are organized around a bathroom. The architects had to eliminate the unnecessary partitions, the goal being the creation of a new internal distribution that would only contain a bedroom suite, a guest bathroom, a second bedroom, a studio, a kitchen, a dining room and a living area.

Ylab arquitectos loft4

Ylab arquitectos loft5

Ylab arquitectos loft6

Some of the walls had to be eliminated. This way the amount of natural light getting inside the apartment drastically increased. Moreover, a new internal structure was created. A flexible and more unconventional distribution of the rooms was created. This way the spaces can easily change their function, depending on the occasion.

Ylab arquitectos loft7

Ylab arquitectos loft8

A large common area was created that goes from one side of the apartment to the other. It includes the entrance hall, the dining room, the library, the studio, the living room and the kitchen. The bedroom suite is now a semi-closed box.{pictures from site}.