Refurbishment of a Paris Apartment by SWAN Architects

Being situated in a so magnificent place like Paris, France, this 71 square meters apartment was refurbished in an amazing living place by SWAN Architects. On the 5th floor of a Parisian 19th century housing building, this apartment was entirely re-designed to make a home for an art lover, project finished in 2011 with budget of 110.000 € HT. The entire living space is designed with simple lines, white being the main color picked up for decorating and furnishing the apartment.

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The wooden light-colored flooring and the dividing wall which is stripped down to reveal its plain structure, give the dwelling a warm atmosphere because there is a connection between the dining room and the living room. If we look from the hallway, we would expect to see an inhospitable apartment, a place where we only can work instead of living. That’s not true. Architects redecorated this apartment because their client wanted a minimalist place where he could live, but also a place where he could cook, spend time watching TV or rest.

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His kitchen is hidden behind cabinets, the only exposed pieces  being the sink and the electric hob, placed in a special spot which is decorated with small pieces of blue tiles and spotlights.  In the dining room you can enjoy plenty of natural light and also can admire the beautiful, minimalist wall paintings placed on a blue background. The living room is separated only by an interesting wooden wall from the rest of the apartment, so we can say that there is plenty of open space.

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Two pale leather sofas separated by an elegant coffee-table, are the main pieces of furniture from the living room, a place which keeps the same decorating theme on the walls. The bedroom is the only private place from the entire dwelling, a space discreetly furnished and decorated with fluorescent green spots and which has access to the bathroom. This room has a changed decorating theme, because the architects have chosen dark furnishing and tiles, a contrast for the plentiful light.{found on archdaily and pics by Maxime}.