R540 Rocking Bench by Fetiche Design

Designed by Brazilian designers Carolina Armellini and Paulo Biacchi, the R540 Rocking Bench is available in many colors. A design like this that uses cords under tension always has a great strength to weight ratio. It’s actually the whole basis of the design, it’s very light and simple, yet amazingly strong and durable. It i obviously a piece of furniture that matches a modern home better than a classic one. However, this rocking bench has its origins or better said inspiration in the benches and chairs people used to weave from natural fibers in Brazil.

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Even the designers admit that they find themselves nostalgic about their childhood, about the time when they used to weave and handcraft similar furniture together with their parents. But they evolved and they took this concept to a whole new level, succeeding to obtain a very beautiful and nicely designed rocking bench. It is woven of different resistant threads that are interconnected and offer a beautiful view and a comfortable seating .